Master of Education or M.Ed. is a postgraducate course which deals with the methodology of educational research experimertation of new techniques of teaching. This course particularly introduces to new level of teaching processos.

M.Ed. is a specialized program for potential educators or or those with a Bachelor degree in Education seeking an in-depth knowledge of the field. This program ofcause on various aspects of education as a stream and area of research. Thus, it covers subfield such as- administration, curriculum, instruction, leadership, counselling & educational technology.

“The candidate needs to have completed B.Ed. with minimum 55% from recognized institutions. M.Ed. is a 2 year master programme. Although some universities also offer this course as 1 year.”

This course churns out leaders in the field of education as it focuses on multiple aspects of education and training. This course helps gain expertise and technical finesse needed to promote to advanced teacher or educator. Hence, students can jobs in High Schools easily after attaining M.Ed. degree.