Alumni's Meet

Alumni refers to a group of students who have graduated from a school, college or a university. At an alumni meet, all the former graduates of a particular institution get together and cherish their past experiences and moments.

By creating a community for an alumni group, the students can co-ordinate and reciprocate with each other. Planning will become much easier and ideas, views and opinions can be shared easily.

Our College also make a Alumni's meet in every year. Most of the ex-students of college join the meet, they enjoy well with sharing their experience with the current students and modrate them as well.

“There's usually a gala party with music, dance games, food, fun, etc.”

Alumni gets to meet their long lost friends, and interact with their faculty. Remember the shit they have done in college together. Give motivational speech to the present students. Have lunch. Leave with a bag of memories and a sachet full of tears. And promise yourself to return the next year.

Old guys try to feel young and remember their younger days. They eat, they drink, boast about their success. If families have also come along, long forgotten secrets are revealed to Kids and spouse.